Thursday, 14 October 2010

Faux Brads

Don't crafters just have the best idea around!!

I was having a browse around blogs and different sites earlier and spotted a great idea for a gorgeous gift card card that had a little handbag on the front. The design had large brads attaching the handles and I don't have any of those in my stash so knowing that one of my fellow crafters would come up with an alternative idea to save me having to buy some to add to my ever growing brad collection, I came across THIS    fabulous idea from Julie Warner. Her tutorial takes you step by step through her idea and now you can have brads to match every card, without the expense of having to buy them. 
If you had a small enough hole punch I suppose you could also make a smaller version to use as card candy too.  There's a video on the link too that takes you through her creation.

Thanks Julie - great idea!!

Now if I could only remember where I first spotted the gift card idea , I'll be all set for a to try it all out! D'oh!!!


  1. Funnily enough there's a company called Craftwork Cards who make something very similar and call it Card Candy. They sell a bag with several hundred in for £1.50.

    There you go!!

  2. Hi Ciara

    Yeah they're great, the little Card Candy ones and sooo many in a bag and lots of lovely colours to choose from too. Thanks for the link!

    I was going to try Julie's idea to make larger ones and today managed to get those little wooden thingys that she used so it's on my 'to do' list.

    Thanks for stopping by.